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The easy way to remove and install E30 trailing arm bushings

March 9, 2013

My way is not only faster then most traditional ways, but its also makes the trailing arm bushing come out without much resistance.

Things you will need:

30mm socket
Bigger C-clamp or PREFERABLY a vise
Box cutter
KY lube (not required, but if you have it I recommend using it)


First Cut off the head off each of the 4 trailing arm bushings:

stock trailing arm bushing e30 stock trailing arm bushing e30 cut c





































To remove the bushing follow this illustration (vise can be subbed for a C-clamp:how to remove trailing arm bushing


To push the new bushing in again follow the illustration. Although not required, especially if you are using a strong vise; lube the outside of the bushing and the inside of the trailing arm hole, it makes it easier if you are using a c-clamp.pushing in trailing arm bushing e30

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