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E30 Vacuum leak – ‘advanced’ location under the throttle body

May 22, 2013

After blowing a coolant hose I had accidentally pulled off the ‘fuel tank breather valve’ off of its nipple on the throttle body plate.

The symptoms where:

-Check engine code 1222 but only at idle after 10 seconds and would disappear when throttle was given
-Uneven idle

This is what the breather valve looks like unplugged from its nipple:

The nipple is located on the throttle body plate from the UNDERSIDE, behind the throttle positioning sensor. The nipple can barely be seen in good lighting through the hole which I have indicated with a green arrow. No dis-assembly is required to plug and unplug this valve hose.
Throttle body plate fuel tank breather valve

This is a pictures looking through that hole (in the pictures the hose has already been plugged back on the nipple):
fuel tank breather valve hole

Here is another pictures from a different angle:
fuel tank breather valve

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