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How to remove seized rotor screws

August 1, 2018

A rotor screw is used to hold the rotor against the hub face without the wheel on. It is removed only when changing the rotor after removing the caliper carrier.

Being so small, and in such a rust prone area however, it is very likely to become seized. This one screw often translates a quick 30 min brake job into a much longer ordeal involving drilling the screw out.

Like most things in life, unless you have the right tools! As I note on RTSTools:

“The aircraft industry… faces this problem more heavily than any other. This is because airplane panels are often held together with thousands of screws.

This tip bridges the aircraft world for the rest of us. How do they remove screws without stripping them, especially on critical parts?

The answer is an air hammer and “screw knockers”. Essentially an air hammer bit, that is able to hold screw driver bits and has a handle to aid in loosening.”

How to remove seized screws


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