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E30 Factory Wiring Diagrams in German

November 19, 2021

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E30 Cluster Pinout

November 18, 2021

Directly from the factory repair manual:
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Testing E30 alternator (E30 Not Charging)

November 14, 2021
Testing E30 alternator (E30 Not Charging)

In the world of alternators the one used on most all E30’s is quite simple and straight forward. The Bosch alternators are a a two post design, with D+ and B+ terminals. B+ (also called 30) is the larger of the two and routes through the starter, then the battery junction box and finally...
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Great clear pictures from E30 (M3) rebuild that show various seldom pictured angles

October 24, 2021

If you’re anything like me, before jumping into a job, or while ordering parts, you want to refresh your memory by looking at the area you are going to be working on. Problem is, with an E30, getting clear pictures of the underbody or stripped back engine bay or interior is fairly difficult. Luckily...
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E30 Idle Issues (erradic idle, high idle, idle hunting): 90% are caused by a vacuum leak

October 10, 2021

Near most idle issues are derived from unmetered air entering the intake past the AFM (Airflow Meter). Simplified, it means you have a hole in one of your connections, gasket matting surfaces or intake related hoses. Un-metered air is a fancy way of saying that you have additional air entering your system that the...
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Reducing odd fuel smell from E30 by changing fuel cap gasket (cap acts like the finger on a straw)

August 16, 2021

The E30 was built with with a vent-free fuel cap, and it was for a reason. If you’ve ever placed your finger on the end of a straw with liquid in it, you will have found that the liquid doesn’t fall out the bottom. Similarly, the 80’s fuel system is designed with this pressure...
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E30 Radio: Alpine CM5905, CM5907 and Pioneer KE-91ZBM, KE-92ZBM display LCD Bulb replacement

July 13, 2021

Alpine CM5905, CM5907 Bulb: T1-1/4 12v 75ma (4mm) If you follow this video along until 3:12, it will be clear how to remove the bulb holder, then all you need to do is unsolder and resolder the new bulbs. Pioneer KE-91ZBM, KE-92ZBM Bulb: T1 8v 60ma (3mm)
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Mirror of E30 Bulb cross reference list from Bimmerforums

July 2, 2021

  Location Qty Specs Generic Sylvania BMW Comments ========================================================================================= Headlights - Sealed Beam, Low 2 35/35W H5006 H5006 63121468226 Headlights - Sealed Beam, High 2 50W H5001 H5001 63121468272 Headlights - US Ellipsoids, Lo 2 51W HB4 9006 63217160786 Headlights - US Ellipsoids, High 2 60W HB3 9005 63217160785 Headlights - Euro Ellipsoids, Low...
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Reproduction OEM parts for your classic BMW

July 1, 2021

Ever wondered if there is a place where you could find BMW parts that are coming out of being NLA? Good news, BMW is now running the below page with just that information! https://www.bmwgroup-classic.com/en/offers-and-services/bmw-classic-reproductions.html
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Clean your E30 water drains or face flooding and rust

June 25, 2021

Other than a coolant leak around the heater core, most wet carpets are a byproduct of the water drains being clogged. The water has nowhere to drain and backs up and flows into where it shouldn’t; either your interior or settles and causes moisture/rust where it shouldn’t. The good news is that cleaning the...
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