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Reproduction OEM parts for your classic BMW

July 1, 2021

Ever wondered if there is a place where you could find BMW parts that are coming out of being NLA? Good news, BMW is now running the below page with just that information! https://www.bmwgroup-classic.com/en/offers-and-services/bmw-classic-reproductions.html
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Clean your E30 water drains or face flooding and rust

June 25, 2021

Other than a coolant leak around the heater core, most wet carpets are a byproduct of the water drains being clogged. The water has nowhere to drain and backs up and flows into where it shouldn’t; either your interior or settles and causes moisture/rust where it shouldn’t. The good news is that cleaning the...
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E30 BMW OEM Tools

June 15, 2021

This list of tools isn’t exhaustive, but does cover most major tools that make working on the E30 much easier.
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Best E30 USB Car Chargers

June 14, 2021

The E30 cigarette lighter socket is a bit of an oddity when it comes to retaining a lot of different accessories. They usually wiggle their way out after a few miles or tilt and disconnect. Search no more though, these two are confirmed to fit well and snug: Information regarding the magnet phone hanger...
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Understanding battery group sizes (Group 48, H5, 94R, etc)

June 2, 2021

Understanding battery group sizing can seem confusing, but it really comes down to regional nomenclature. Like metric and imperial there are DIN sizes (Deutsche Internationale Norm) and BCI (Battery Council International) group sizes. What’s convenient is that most BCI sizes have DIN equivalents and vice versa. Some makers will even place both designations. 40R...
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E30 No Start Troubleshooting

June 1, 2021

E30Zone already has a great resource and flow chart to follow along with; in part this article is to backup that great information, but also to add onto a couple things to check to quickly and effectively rule out common issues related to no start conditions. Crank no start condition: Check to see if...
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Secrets to getting a good balance (Pin Plates, collets and repeatability)

May 31, 2021

You’re more likely to get a bad balance than you are a good balance, and it all comes down to the operator and sometimes the accessories they have to work with. The golden rule to a good balance is repeatability; and that doesn’t mean just re-spinning. After a balance is confirmed the wheel needs...
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Magnetic phone holder for E30

April 29, 2021
Magnetic phone holder for E30

Interacting with your phone whether its for GPS or reading a message is so much easier when the phone is dashboard level rather than trying to interact with it in the E30 cubby under the HVAC panel:
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E30 325i, 325is M20B25 Gas mileage (Fuel economy)

April 25, 2021

When new the M20B25 E30’s were rated at 18 city / 22 Hwy MPG: Taken directly from an windows sticker:
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BMW and Bosch release Gen 3 injectors for E30 M20B25

April 21, 2021

OEM injectors are pintle design; good for its time, but there have been many generational iterations of fuel injectors since. Recently BMW aligned with Bosch to release a direct replacement 14.5lb gen 3 injector that is 4 hole (disc type). 4 hole injectors provide for much better fuel atomization when compared to pintle design;...
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