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CNC Aluminum E30 Clutch Master Cylinder Elbow

April 24, 2023

This aluminum elbow is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum replaces OEM E30 part number 21521151697. The original is made of plastic and is known to crack and leads to a soaked interior carpet with brake fluid. The CNC elbow eliminates this risk once and for all. In addition to the E30, this can...
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Expanding trunk space with spare tire tray in an E30 (Euroweaves)

April 19, 2023

The E30 never came with a storage tray for the spare tire. The trend started with the E36 forward. The good news is, if you are running 15″ Euroweaves; PN 71111092276 (E36/E46) fits perfectly.
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E30 M20 Evap Fuel Tank Breather Valve Replacement Tips

April 16, 2023

Perhaps one of the least understood components on the E30 M20 is the EVAP Fuel tank breather valve. If the valve is stuck open or if the hose has a tear, it will cause a significant vacuum leak. The green hose connects to a brass barb on the underside of the throttle body. It...
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Understanding V-belt lengths Li vs La (inner length and outer length)

March 8, 2023
Understanding V-belt lengths Li vs La (inner length and outer length)

Some vbelt brands (like Bando) like to indicate inner and outer lengths on their belts but not both. The important thing to know is that Li = inner length and La = outer length. BMW always indicates their belts in La in the ETK (without explicitly writing La or Li) For example, the 3315...
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E30 M20 often missed important part of a timing belt job (intermediate shaft sprocket gear)

March 8, 2023
E30 M20 often missed important part of a timing belt job (intermediate shaft sprocket gear)

So you’ve heard that you should change the timing belt on an M20 every 50k miles or 4 years (whichever comes first), because in case of failure the valves will hit the pistons, rocker arms will break, and you’ll be looking at a top end rebuild or a new engine. But what many people,...
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BMW OEM Worm gear hose clamp part numbers

October 17, 2022

Hose clamp 9-12 mm 07129952102 Hose clamp 12-15 mm 07129952104 Hose clamp 15-19 mm 07129952107 Hose clamp 18-24 mm 07129952109 Hose clamp 23-29 mm 07129952111 Hose clamp 28-33 mm 07129952113 Hose clamp 32-38 mm 07129952115 Hose clamp 37-43 mm 07129952117 Hose clamp 42-48 mm 07129952119 Hose clamp 47-54 mm 07129952121 Hose clamp 53-60 mm...
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Eight New E30 seat gas spring shocks (E23, E24,E28) + Tool BMW 52101965645

September 16, 2022

Eight new seat shocks covering E30, E23, E24 and E28 seats + custom tool for installation!! The toughest part of this job is figuring out how to compress the 400N gas springs during install as its a much greater force than human hands can generate; we have solved this by making a custom tool....
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Bespoke solution to prevent floormats from moving E30

August 22, 2022

Quick reference for rubber floormats that fit the E30: OEM fitting rubber E30 floormats from an E82 The problem with any floormat in the E30 is that they tend to slide around; not a lot, and perhaps you don’t need to readjust daily, but it does get annoying. I didn’t want to make holes...
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Sound insulation (Jute) for aftermarket E30 underpanels

August 14, 2022

If you’ve purchased an aftermarket underpanel for your E30, you’ve probably realized it doesnt not come with sound insulation. This sound insulation is called Jute. OEM PN 51488229734 provides for just enough insulation to do one under panel.   The insulation has one sticky side and one cloth side; doubling the layers will make...
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CNC Throttle Body Booster Side Elbows – Fix for vacuum leak E30 M20 engines

March 3, 2022

These CNC booster side throttlebody elbows replaces your stock elbow. The original elbow is press fit from factory and loosens over time. Once loose, you end up getting a vacuum leak and up until these there was no great way to solve the problem. Most people either try a glob of JB weld or...
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