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Fuel injection to carburetion and Individual throttle bodies

May 21, 2010

Call me crazy but there is something about the mechanical-ism of carbs that is just better then the preciseness and  smoothness of fuel injection.

Here you will see an m20b25 (bmw e30 325i(s) engine) normally fuel injection. However it has been converted to run 3 down draft weber carbs. With individual throttle bodies here is the spec list:

N/A 2.9 M20
+.50 forged JE lighten pistons
524TD forged Crank
325i connecting rods
the head was ported and polished.
284 Schrick camshaft
Alpina intake Manifold with (3) Weber IDF 40 Downdraft carbs
JB Racing Lighten flywheel.
Bavarian Autosport headers

The Individual throttle bodies are off of a motorcycle a 2003 GSXR 1000 42mm they separate individual and thus can take one off each rack and have 6.

This particular gentlemen put this engine in an e21 heres a video:


I would love to do the same, just on a larger scale, take a BMW m60 and have something in between above and  and the below; a 1961 250tr spider

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