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E30 No Start Troubleshooting

June 1, 2021

E30Zone already has a great resource and flow chart to follow along with; in part this article is to backup that great information, but also to add onto a couple things to check to quickly and effectively rule out common issues related to no start conditions.

Crank no start condition:

Check to see if the check engine light is illuminating, if its not, the DME is not powering up (or the light is burned out).


First thing to check is the main relay as its a single point of failure in powering the DME:



Crank, engine light on in accessory mode, no start:


The most important sensor for the whole engine is the CPS – Crank positioning sensor, without it the DME doesnt know the position of the engine.


Download (PDF, 162KB)


No crank, no start condition:

Its common for the ground between the oil pan and body to corrode, or even to break. The starter uses this ground between the oil pan and chassis to ground, if its unable to ground, the car will not crank.



Lastly, a backup of the E30Zone resource:


Download (PDF, 140KB)



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