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Do it Yourself

A place to find DIY guides to doing car repairs/mods/etc.

E30 No Start Troubleshooting

June 1, 2021

E30Zone already has a great resource and flow chart to follow along with; in part this article is to backup that great information, but also to add onto a couple things to check to quickly and effectively rule out common issues related to no start conditions. Crank no start condition: Check to see if...
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BMW and Bosch release Gen 3 injectors for E30 M20B25

April 21, 2021

OEM injectors are pintle design; good for its time, but there have been many generational iterations of fuel injectors since. Recently BMW aligned with Bosch to release a direct replacement 14.5lb gen 3 injector that is 4 hole (disc type). 4 hole injectors provide for much better fuel atomization when compared to pintle design;...
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Fixing floppy E30 AC vents

April 19, 2021

Fixing your AC vents so they are no longer floppy is easier than you think. All you need is: Flat head screw driver Nylon washers 20 min To remove an AC vent all you have to do is point it down until you feel it click, then with a thin screw driver carefully push...
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Painless Power Brakes for E30 V8 swaps (Remote Hydrovac Booster)

February 28, 2021

If you’ve been researching doing a V8 swap into an E30, you’ll quickly learn that one of the major dilemmas is how to solve the brake booster problem. With a V8 swap, there is no room for any kind of brake booster in the stock location. In the early years, the solution was to...
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Leaking hydraulic sealing copper or aluminum washer? Can’t get it to seal? Use a dowty (bonded washer).

January 17, 2021

Most automotive hydraulic applications use a copper or aluminum washer for sealing. The idea is that the two surfaces are near perfectly flat and all that is needed is a hint of squished copper or aluminum. A small gouge, unevenness, or slop in the mounting threads can mean the squish of a copper or...
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Power Steering Line From Reservoir to Pump compatibility between early and late E30 M20

April 29, 2020

If you have an early E30 (pre 10/87) your power steering line from the reservoir to the pump probably looks like this: The hose is held to the banjo by a worm style hose clamp: Post 10/87 has a banjo permanently crimped to the hose: If you check the ETK, there is no mention...
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Relocating E30 Central locking to fix moisture problems once and for all

April 12, 2020
Relocating E30 Central locking to fix moisture problems once and for all

A few years ago I wrote about common problems with the E30 central locking and how to fix them. Two of most common E30 Central locking/Power locking issues and how to fix them Well, its time to revisit the topic, because I have figured out the once and for all solution. You see, even...
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Toyota Techstream 0xC0040001 Error, MVCI Driver ended prematurely error and Unable to connect to vim Techstream

October 24, 2019

So you’re trying to get Techstream going, but you keep getting errors; let me help you solve all of them in one place.   Toyota Techstream 0xC0040001 Error – This error is due to a firmware limitation, there are generally two firmware versions of the J2534 connector. Version 1.4.1 and Version 2.0.4. To access...
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Lower Airdam ‘Cowcatcher’ Bracket for E30 (is airdam) STL and STEP files

September 9, 2019

The cowcatcher airdam was only sold on IS and ES models in 87. The ‘is’ got a 4 slot model and the ‘es’ got a 2 slot model; behind the airdam was an oil cooler. IS airdam: ES airdam: The problem is that the brackets for this airdam are long NLA (no longer available)...
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How do sway bar works and what size of swaybar is best?

July 19, 2019

Most results when searching topics about sway bars involve high level extrapolations about understeer, oversteer, body roll and preferences; all important but it doesn’t help to understand how sway bars actually work. Hopefully I can simplify it enough where it starts to make intuitive sense. The primary principle behind a sway bar is to...
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